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3036 Forest Park Drive
Randleman, NC, 27317
United States


Sussman SVS Series

Sussman SVS Electric Steam Boilers

Sussman SVS Electric Steam Boilers

Sussman SVS Electric Boilers are safe, versatile easy to-use heat sources for low or high pressure steam. Applications include steam for:

  • Chemical Tanks
  • Reactors, Distillation and Autoclaves
  • Dyestuffs
  • Food Processing
  • Jacketed Vessels for Processes
  • Pipe Tracing
  • Viscous Material
  • Fuel Oil Line Heating
  • Anti-Freeze Protection
  • Comfort Heating & Humidification

Engineered For:

  • Easy Installation
  • Automatic Operation
  • Clean, Fume-Free, Quiet, Reliable Steam at the Turn of a Switch
  • Primary or Alternate Source of Steam
  • Low Maintenance
  • No Fuel Delivery/Storage Problems
  • Factory Tested – Ready to Operate

SVS Standard Features

  • Insulated Carbon Steel Pressure Vessel ASME Section 1, 150 PSIG with “S” Code Stamp.
  • Built to UL, National Board Registration
  • Standard 150 PSIG Design – Higher Pressures Available
  • Fully Insulated Vessel, 2” Thick Insulation
  • ASME Code Safety Valve
  • NPT Inlet/Outlet Fittings Up to 3-1/2”, Flanged Inlet/Outlet Fittings for 4” and over (see Specification Chart)
  • Vertically Mounted Incoloy Sheathed Immersion Elements Complete with Epoxy End Seal
  • NEMA I, Epoxy Finished Gasketed/Louvered Control Panel and Heater Enclosure
  • Blowdown/Drain Valve
  • Pressure Gauge with Isolating Stopcock
  • Liquid Level Gauge Glass Assembly
  • Backflow Check Valve and Solenoid Feedwater Valve
  • Standard Pressure Range 20-150 PSIG (higher pressures may be available on request)
  • Modulating Pressure Control (standard over 90A)
  • Electronic Feedwater Control
  • Boiler Operating Mode Indicator Lights
  • Sub-Divided Circuit Fusing, Class “J”, HRC Form 1
  • Industrial Rated Magnetic Contactors
  • Manual Reset High Limit Pressure Control
  • Main & Auxiliary Low Water Cut Off Controls
  • 120V Control Circuit c/w On/Off Switch and Indicating Pilot Light
  • 120VAC Control Circuit Transformer w/primary & secondary fusing
  • Manual Reset Low Water Cutoff

SVS Optional Equipment

  • Steam Outlet Globe Valve (150 PSIG)
  • Timed Automatic Blowdown Systems
  • Auxiliary Low Water Cutoff
  • Auxiliary High Pressure Cutoff, for Auto or Manual Reset
  • High Pressure Alarm
  • Low Pressure Alarm
  • Audible Alarm with Silencer
  • Pilot Light for each Heating Stage
  • Manual Off/Auto Switch for each Heating Stage
  • VVoltmeter, with 3 Position Selector
  • Wattmeter
  • Ammeter with 3 Position Switch
  • Unfused Disconnect Switch
  • Safety Door Interlock Switch
  • Motor Starter with Overloads
  • Flanged Inlet/Outlet
  • Vacuum Breaker
  • kW-HR meter
  • Ground Fault Indicator