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The STERISIL SYSTEM is a point-of-entry water purification system designed to easily connect with the municipal water supply and is engineered to provide treated dental water, distilled quality water and final rinse water.  It requires no tablets or additional additives for daily dental water use and works in six stages of treatment, including Class B Ultraviolet Irradition disinfection.

The STERISIL AC+ provides affordable, on demand autoclave water and final rinse water for instrument washers. The ease of use and confidence that Sterisil has brought to dental unit water line treatment now comes to the world of distilled and deionized water for use with you office's sterilizers and autoclaves. Each of Sterisil's AC Series of products produces distilled quality water with 0ppm Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). Sterisil offers two levels of treatment for use with both table-top autoclaves and high-capacity instrument washers. No more wasted space from large water jugs and water coolers, no more purchasing bulky containers and only minutes of maintenance will supply your office with all of its autoclave water needs for up to an entire year!

  • Compact design for under-sink installation
  • Produces distilled quality water with 0ppm TDS
  • Can produce up to 50 gallons of distilled quality water per day
  • Produces final rinse water for instrument washers
  • Up to 28 gallons of reserve water for on-demand autoclave-ready water
  • Full system audible and visual monitoring system notify you of needed cartridge replacement
  • Real time monitoring of water volume consumption
  • Designed to be used with Sterisil dental water line treatment products to meet your dental water needs