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Steelco DS 800

Steelco DS 800

Designed to meet the increasing reprocessing needs of CSSD, this Washer Disinfector is available in standard or Fast Cycle configurations saving cycle time and reaching higher levels of energy and water savings.  The machine assures consistently tested and efficient washing disinfecting performances thanks to a new washing system technology made by a vertical installed washing pump that allows a complete drain of the washing circuit.

  • HEPA-Filtered H14 Forced Air Drying Distribution
  • Available in Standard or Fasy Cycle
  • Triple Water Connection for Washing Carts
  • Automatic Motorized Vertical Slide Down Doors with Safety Device
  • Available in Single or Double Door Configuration
  • Washing Chamber System is Constructed with Angles
  • hree Level Water Filtering System Captures Residue and Prevents Re-Circulation Resulting in an Excellent Wash every time