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Steelco AS 1000

Steelco AS 1000 Air Shower

The Steelco AS1000 Air Shower is designed to remove surface contamination from personnel prior to entering a lower level contaminated environment.  It is a self contained unit that utilizes high efficiency air flow to effectively remove all types of contaminants from every individual.  Additionally, the AS1000 features a High Efficiency Blower, Blower pre-filter, HEPA filter, internal lights, interlocking doors, PLC Controller and Emergency Stop Button.

  • Equipped with 40 Air Nozzles creating an enveloping air flow
  • Full body in stainless steel for easier clean-ability, long duration and better resistance to scratches
  • Designed to be floor mounted between areas with different levels of contaminations
  • Different available configurations: Straight through passage, Angle Passage, T Passage (with 3 door passage)
  • Emergency push buttons inside and outside the cabinet
  • Countdown display inside the chamber
  • Automatic Person Presence Detection for automatic start of the blowing cycle